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EZ Compost

For the home gardener BioScientific’s EZ Compost™ is a Liquid Compost Soil amendment that saves time and money over bagged compost (“No bag no mess”). EZ-Compost  is a concentrated natural liquid compost that has all the benefits of  solid compost without the drawbacks of solid compost.

  • Easier to handle liquid form.
  • No bulky bags to handle.
  • No tillage required.
  • Immediate activity.
  • Does not require activation, in the soil, like compost.
  • More accurate applications through water incorporation.
    Unlike solid compost Easy Compost has:
  • No offensive odors.
  • No weed seeds.
  • Less salts.
  • No diseases.
  • More balanced ingredients.
  • Can be used indoors.