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AquaPond is a biologically active enzymatic and microbial treatment for bodies of non-potable water. AquaPond reduces solids and odors and improves the clarity of the water without the use of harsh chemicals, ensuring the proper biological actions take place to keep your ecology in check.

Use AquaPond to clear organic matter such as algae, fish waste, lake scum and more and turn them into harmless byproducts.

Addelott Farms
Dairy Lagoon Treatment



Use AquaPond to clarify all your non-potable bodies of water, from lagoons and lakes to Country Club water features.
*Not for treatment of potable water*
For best results, pH of water being treated should be between 6 and 9

Available Sizes

55 gallon drum              275 gallon tote                    Bulk tanker

For pricing and more information contact John Olivas (877) 424-6724 or