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Biological Compost Inoculant

BCI is a liquid containing a natural, microbial and enzyme system that accelerates the decomposition of organic matter.

Major benefits:

•                Naturally speeds decomposition of organic matter.

•                Enhanced mineralization of hard to break down materials such as cellulolytic and lignin based organic materials.

•                Liquid concentrate makes for easier application and more complete coverage.

For composters and bio-recyclers who are seeking to maximize their rates of decomposition, our BCI is a microbial and enzymatic system that significantly increases the decay process of organic matter. The convenient addition of liquid BCI greatly accelerates the nutrient release cycle resulting in reduced compost time and improved compost quality. BCI activates a biological process of waste minimization that transforms waste into valuable humus while reducing solids and foul odors.


•                Agricultural composting

•                Municipal composting

•                Industrial composting

•                Waste minimization

•                Bio-recycling

General Directions:

Apply BCI in enough water to allow for thorough coverage of treated material. For enhanced performance, a well balanced neutral pH, water soluble fertilizer may be included in the tank mix combination. Add 1 quart of BCI for each ton of material to be treated. Apply early in the compost process for best results. Aerate and irrigate compost as usual for best results.

Available Sizes

55 gallon drum              275 gallon tote                    Bulk tanker

For pricing and more information contact John Olivas (877) 424-6724 or