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EZ Soil Enhancer


Evolved from Soil Maximizer, EZ Soil Enhancer is a compost-free alternative designed to meet the increasingly stringent input requirements of many industry and regulatory collectives.


Using technology kept in reserve for such a transition we’ve been able to implement techniques and ingredient blends that further optimize the product ecology, and in turn, the overall functionality for growers; all without compost or manure.


In addition, EZ Soil Enhancer is a Registered Organic Input Material and is compliant with the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement.

EZ Soil Enhancer has a more tightly optimized and amplified microbial ecology with notable functionality:


94.9% Nitrogen Release Efficiency
79.4% Carbon Cycling Efficiency


Hormonal Production:


IAA  +14.5% (Cell Division, Stem Elongation)
CK  +13.8% (Cell Proliferation, Cell Differentiation)
GA  +13.9% (Stem Elongation, Germination, Flowering)


Stress Adaptation:


Salt Tolerance  +13.8%
Siderophore Production  +10%
(Chelation, Iron availability, BioFertilizer Potential)

Available Sizes

55 Gallon Drum || 275 Gallon Tote || Bulk Tanker


For pricing and more information contact John Olivas (877) 424-6724 or