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Soil Maximizer

An easy-to-use alternative to compost.

Used by major growers for over 25 years, Soil Maximizer is a liquid alternative to compost. Ingredients include compost extract, kelp, trace minerals, a proprietary microbe tea and humic acids. Soil Maximizer is a proven formulation designed to provide the benefits and biochemical reactions of compost in the root zone.

Ease of use and application is superior. It is a fine-filtered liquid concentrate that can be added to irrigation water, put through drip systems, blended with fertilizers or applied alone. As a liquid, it flows directly to the rhizosphere to begin working immediately versus compost which must decompose and break down over time before working its way into the root zone.

Major benefits include:

  • Provides improved targeting into the rhizosphere to assist nutrient conversion into plant usable forms.
  • Provides better control of nutrient release in time for the grand growth phase of the plants, vines or trees.
  • Reduces nutrient leaching by helping hold nutrients in the root zone.

Available Sizes

55 gallon drum              275 gallon tote                    Bulk tanker

For pricing and more information contact John Olivas (877) 424-6724 or